Since were closed, we would like to recommend equally good partners:

Unfortunately, we have shut down our business.

Thank you to all customers and companies that worked with us over the years.

Top Dollar is a creative agency located in the south of Sweden. We’ve walked through fire, grinded our teeth and danced under the moon light. We’ve done everything for love. From brand building strategies to breakfast in bed.

We carry the following competence in our studio which can be used on a predetermined basis.

Brand development
Strategic brand management
Conceptual brand communication
Social media strategy
Retail design & store development
Project management
Art Direction
Final Art
Graphic design
Package design
Film production
Film and image post production
Web development
Digital design

We are +25 good looking people working in the Top Dollar studio today, which means that we also have a good capacity to always deliver top quality, in time.

Apart from the competences we have in the house we got a great network of great people being experts in their specific fields.

Under the Top Dollar umbrella we also host a sound and music agency, The Broadcast Societyand our film/photo studio, Top Dollar Studio, in the center of Malmö.

Since 2008 we have been working with:

Brio Toy- (World: Strategic/Social/Digital/Creative/Film)
Brio Care- (World: Strategic/Creative/Social/Digital/In Store/Production/Film)
Campbells- (Nordic: Strategic/Creative/Digital/In Store/Production/Film)
Puma- (Nordic: Creative/Social/Digital/In Store/Event/Production/Film)
Tretorn- (Nordic: Creative/Social/Digital/In Store/Event/Production/Film)
Berendsen- (Swe: Branding/Strategic/Creative/Production/Film)
Gleerups- (Swe: Branding/Strategic/Creative/Digital/Production/Film)
Honda- (Nordic: Strategic/Creative/In Store/Production/Digital/Film)
IKEA IICG- (World: Creative/Production)
Isbjörnens Kaviar- (Swe: Branding/Strategic/Creative/Social/In Store/Production/Film)
Ebab- (Swe: Strategic/Creative/Production)
Lysekils- (Swe: Branding/Strategic/Creative/In Store/Production)
Alga- (Nordic: Strategic/Creative/In Store/Production/Film)
Sony Ericsson- (World: Creative/In Store/Social/Digital/Production/Film)
Korvhuset- (Swe: Branding/Strategic/Creative/In Store/Top Quality/Production)
Koenigsegg- (World: Branding/Strategic/Creative/Digital/Production/Film)
Brothers of End- (World: Creative/Production/Film)
Nina Persson- (World: Creative/Production/Film)
MKB- (Local: Creative/Social/Event/Production)
Cross Sportswear- (World: Creative/Production)
Galvin Green- (World: Creative/Production/Film)
Eightmood- (World: Branding/Strategic/Creative/In Store/Production)
Sembo- (Nordic: Strategic/Creative/Digital/Production/Film)
Getraw- (World: Branding/Strategic/Creative/Social/Digital/In Store/Production)
Agnesfilm/SVT- (Swe: Creative/Production/Film)
Resursgruppen- (Swe: Branding/Strategic/Creative/Digital/Production)
Tetra Pak- (Global: Branding/Strategic/Creative)

We’re open to discuss anything that’s got a heart that beats.

Our home is the sea.

Tune in, turn on, swim out.

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